Monday, January 30, 2006

Annoying things to do in public places:

1) Eat with your mouth open.
2) Tuck your napkin into your shirt collar.
3) Talk out loud in libraries
4) Make scary faces at babies
5) Laugh for no reason
6) Don't brush your teeth for a week before going to the dentist.
7) Finish people's sentences for them.
8) When you shake hands with a person, tickle thier palm with your index finger.
9) Cut in front of people.
10) Wear dark colored socks with sandles and shorts.
11) Wear a white belt and shoes.
12) Whine intermittently.
13) When the wine steward at a fine restaurant offers you a sample, taste it, then spit it all over him and scream:"How dare you try to pawn off this swill on ME of all people. I'm a licensed Security guard!"
14) Try to pull open doors that say push and push on doors that say pull. Strugle with door until someone comes along and opens it.
15) Run out of an optomitrists office yelling:"He blinded me!"
16) Pull up to a bank drive-thru and ask for a cheeseburger and fries.
17) Wear your underware on the outside.
18) Talk to invisible friends.
19) Chew your fingernails and spit the clipings at people.
20) Collect all the trash from your car and stuff it into the transaction box at a bank drive-thru window. Ask the teller:"Say, could you take care of this for me? Thanks. Bye-bye."
21) Skip rather than walk whenever possible.
22) Talk "through" a hand puppet whenever possible.
23) Drive around town on a riding lawnmower.
24) End every statement by saying:"So sayeth the lord!"
25) Don't make eyecontact with people.
26) Don't flush
27) Stand in your front yard pointing a hairdryer at passing cars.
28) Pick up food at a salad bar, taste it, then put it back.
29) Wear you watch on your ankle and check time constantly.
30) Make beeping noises whenever someone backs up.
31) During conversations, start barking like a dog.
32) Specify that your drive-thru order is to go.
33) Stand up in a busy resturant and violently tear a news paper to shreds while screaming:"It's lies! It's all lies!"
34) Wear two different colors and style shoes.
35) When approaching a closed door yell:"Open!" If the door doesn't open, stand at the door and yell "open" over and over until someone opens it.


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Thats nice i did the umm
BArking in convo

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hey thats funny. visit my blog its kinda like urs.


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